New UNMIXED CD release!! Free p&p! (Hardcore)


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First of all, Mods please feel free to move this topic, I only put it here as its off the topic off DnB.

Never Stop Raving: Hardcore Explosion (CD)

This is something we have been aiming for for a long time and its finally become a reality. The CD boasts 13 unmixed tracks all packaged with fantastic artwork and even shrink wrapped ;) It is priced at £7 from all vendors (thats just 54p per track) but P&P direct from the NSR site is FREE.

1. Haze & Suae - The Prophecy
2. X-Cyte - Unexpected
3. Audio X Ft Serenity - Drug Abuse
4. Chris Ross - The Void
5. Bulby G & Ionosphere Ft Kate Lessing - Dancing on the Sun
6. Eufeion - Turntable DeeJays
7. X-Cyte - Dance With Us
8. Matt Luminate Ft MC Whiskey & Tiffany - Dance With Me
9. Corruption Vs Periferal Ft Freda Jualbuena - Young Forever
10. Dan Edge - Forgot The Music
11. Bulby G Ft Fingaz MC - The Core Elite
12. Chris Ross - Epidemic
13. BReyn - Star Wars

The CD features 11 hardcore tracks and 2 gabba tracks and should appeal to Djs and fans alike.

This is the first in what should become a regular series for NSR as plans for Volume 2 are already underway.

The CD is available now from all the below links along with clips and artwork, however, the NSR store offers free P&P to anywhere in the world:

So enjoy :)

I know this is a DnB forum, but on the hardcore forums alot of people enjoy DnB, so I thought maybe the opposite applies on DnB forums.