New Tunes - would really appreciate any feedback


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Aug 14, 2008
Hello, listening to your latest one....

tune itself has some nice elements in there, i think the sound of the beats especially the kick drum has to much low end on it, although i like the simple dnb pattern man, also i dident really feel or hear a drop...

tune i think needs smoothing out and less changes in it but som nice parts in there .



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Aug 15, 2008
Thanks for that. Someone on antoher forum said exactly the same thing about the kick drum - I obvisouly need to go back and sort it out. Thanks for the help
Mar 7, 2007
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Hey Derj,

You should grab up this month's issue of Computer music (Auguest 2008), sub focus goes through how he makes his drumlines and gives some useful tips about the bass drum, too much bass drum at the lower frequencies and you begin to squash the room for the bassline, the kick should usually be higher at a higher frequency than what you set the bass at, to leave room for your bass. It's really useful and it helped me get more sound out of my entire track by adjust the drums a bit. Also there's a shitload of dnb samples to check out on the dvd that comes with it as well. Another useful tip is to listen to your favorite stuff and constantly compare your stuff to the tracks you listen to, it may be a bit discouraging at first but you sometimes have to struggle before you get anything accomplished.

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