new tunes up deeper d&b


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Feb 18, 2009
does it even have a snare?:P i dont think i really like this, the first track that is.. just my taste probably

second track:) this is more like it, feelin chilled to this

third track not bad either:)


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Oct 25, 2009
in the first track it sounds like one of your kicks is out of place i dont know if that was intentional ?

nice bass sound... definatly feeling the ideas in here.. its good. it just needs a bit more precision...
yeah definatly your beat is going out of time... dont know whats going on there sounds like the loop is starting 1/32 early.

second tune im feeling really like the bassline got some good funk to it and its resonating niicely.
like what you are doing with percussion.

how long you been producing man these are quite good just need a bit more


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Dec 10, 2009
Bucharest, Ro
the thing with the kick was intentioned, dunno why but found it nice:)
I`ll work on the beat so it`ll be on time, this thing gave me the moust headaches on this one.
Really glad that you`re feeling the tunes, been producing since the summer of 2009. cheers
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