[New Tunes] Stealth Mode (Jump Up) What A Good Day (Dark/Liquid)

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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i was not expecting that! stealth mode started off sounding really big, your kick is fine but the snare is not punchy enough an the sample of the snare is really poor imo bass needs a bit more layering in the frequencies but all in all ideas are there for a tune.

what a good day, was the one that stuck out more out the 2 for me, the melodies an sounds are not what i expected in dnb that is a very strange tune, again the snare im nort really feelin sounds like the same snare in stealth mode. also it sounds like you've just gained the whole mix aswel which dont really sound right if your missing layers in both drums an bass plus i dont know if it was the effect you were goin for but if u do gain everything or compress it your tune will dip in places an say a pad would struggle to come thru wen drums or bass are being played at the same time, this is just my opinoin so dont beat urself up over it keep at it you have potential!

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Jan 5, 2009
Agreed on the second one.. The compression sounds like theres loads of sidechaining coming through on the bass/kick drum. Its drowning out the sound from the other instruments.. Try checking your frequencies on all the drums too.
But, yeah its sounding good man. Keep it up. Looking forward to hearing more stuff.

What program you using again?


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Jun 21, 2007
stealth mode becomes a different tune @ 1:30-ish not sure if I liked that, snare sounds a bit limp, maybe some layering would help out -- I wouldn't worry so much about trying to compress the mix at this stage mang, it takes awhile to learn to get it right if you are going for loudness -- there are some bass frequencies panned in the synth you got panned to the right channel that wouldn't pass the mono test and may be problematic depending on the media you would want to release this on.

make that snare punch and drop the compression to get your dynamics back as it's squashed at the moment

What a good day is the standout of the two, but take it easy on the mix compression/limiting -- arrangement is well done IMO with the muted (piano)? and pads


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Nov 9, 2008
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safe peeps, yea i been workin on mastering the tunes but since i aint done it b4 its all trial and error, so feedback is heavy. Gonna get straight back on them now sort out that snare. bless


Jan 29, 2008
pretty nice tracks, likin stealth mode best out of the 2, would be wkd with a fatter snare as someone said before, big ups still !!

Dan M

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Apr 18, 2008
(stealth mode)

i like the intro but the snare is still pretty rank. the tunes good but it dunt sound live am wondering if you've compressed it too much. overall i think the problems make it sound like a poor production and they are the kicks and snares and flatness of the track. The actual composition of the melody is there dont get me wrong its jus the points i raised that are letting it down.

i listened to your beats before and its a similiar prob. but listen its a good prob to have cos there production faults and that comes with time... the creative aspect is defo there. Am actually listening to your other track the liquid one and its cool yeah it works more cos its simple. ez big up an i hope that helped. Dan M
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