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Mr Fletch

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Mixdown is terrible on could you release this? And again, another drum fill from the Danny Byrd pack, which hasnt been touched at all.....

Sorry for the harshness, but c'mon.....It's difficult for a label to gain any good reputation in the industry if you are willing to release tracks that arent up to industry par surely? No one's gonna take the label seriously, and you arent doing the artist any favours are you?
Sure, it's great to have a track released, but if said track hasnt had a proper mixdown, or been mastered in anyway, there's no way people are gonna buy it! And in turn, these people will remember that artists name, and even if production levels improve (which they will over time) people arent going to listen to the track because they'll remember that name.

From personal experience, I'm glad it took so long for me to get a release with a label, I wanted to for so long, but now, looking back at my older material, it just wasnt anywhere near release quality stuff! Now my productions are better, I know what I should be sending to labels, or what I should just be throwing up for free on my soundcloud!
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