new tunes by Kaiza, Isotop, Shots and The Phalanx


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany
After the split from amex (see ),
Bad Boy Kaiza aka Kaiza took a short break from producing tunes.
He concentrated on deejaying and organizing the "iDrums" events
in Mannheim for one and a half year, realizing the old dream of a
monthly club night without bigname headliners, only with him and his
Trio-Music crew mate DJ Hektik as residents and occasional guests.
Also, he managed to make 87 Drum & Bass Mixes, 258 Reggae/Dancehall
mixes and 13 HipHop mixes in his studio absence, besides broadcasting
a huge number of theme based Specials in his weekly radio show "DMF"
(which btw has been running for 7 years now, and is still continuing).

Now, in the end of 2008, he comes forward for his 475th comeback:
Besides making solo tunes again and finishing many old projects,
Kaiza joined forces with Isotop, Shots and The Phalanx.


Check out some of the fruit of their work:

... watch out for upcoming releases!
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