New tunes and mix!


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Jul 1, 2003
Hey peoples, just registered as I've been hearing good things about this board so thought I'd start with spamming you with my latest tunes. Here's what I've been working on the last 6 months plus a mix from a superb Leet night in June in Helsingborg, Sweden. Enjoy and gimme some feedback.


Mechanoid (Habit recs)

Photon storm (Habit recs)

Scanners (dub)

EMP (dub)

Oblivion Cruises inc (pyro & proxcis, dub)

G.I.T.S. (dub)

Trojan Run (pyro & motion theory, dub)


Pyro @ Leet recordings night, June 6th, Club Tiptop, Helsingborg, Sweden. Feautering a somewhat beveraged Voss on the mic ;).


Jarman - Psycho
Calyx & DJ Kontrol - Erased from existence
Karl K, Kaos, Jae Kennedy - Datphunk
C4C - Moongerm
Typecell - Bad Illusions (BSE rmx)
Pyro & Motion Theory - Trojan Run
Kiko - Haze
Rob F - dunno (not being finnished i thin)
Mindgame - The hive
Universal project - the craft rmx
Rob F & Surreal - Deceit
Technical Itch - Destroy
Typecell - Egomatric (rob f rmx)
Bulletproof - what u need
Karl K, Kaos, Jae Kennedy - Vice
Concord Dawn
Rawthang - rinsin
Pyro - G.I.T.S.
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Night Shift
Pyro - Photon Storm
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