new tune....

yeah this is good man
this is good!
its got a sweet old vibe to it
1.25 kinda killed it though with the guitar , it didnt really sound in key
but the sax sounds nice and the pads youve used makes it sounds very leftfield

personally at 3.40 i would make a drop that used a very simple but heavy drumbeat , a snare with more punch and a louder / different bongo pattern in the background
making the track have some kinda of ride to it , at the moment it sounds like , if youve listened to the first minute youve listened to the track (i dont mean to offend because thats the problems i have with my tracks)

overall i think your track has a great build up ,i dont think the guitar was suitable and it needs abit more punch and kick to keep you listening !
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yeaa glad u liked it man..

i see what ur saying, my mate also said that it is off-key [its actually another sax with a Scream 4 routed twice through it], but yea cool, i see what u mean about the 2nd drop too, will look to see if i can make it a bit more interesting for that drop....

but thanks for the feedback bro, much appreciated.