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Keepin the jungle alive
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Feb 7, 2008
woah! Liking the intro. Then it drops in.....fuckin mental tune my friend.
Had alisten to all of your tunes. I will say they do all sound very similar. Your basslines sound a little jumbled. I would suggest spending more time on processing your basses and trying to find some deeper subs and add more depths to your whomps and wobbles.
Prob with jump up tunes is that if they arnt done to perfection, they are quickly discarded due to the "throw away" appeal they seem to have. By this i mean your fav jump up tune can change every day, another tune comes out with an extra wobble and it becomes better than the last.
I would also suggest talking to nutek. His tunes are pretty much on the button.
Keep at tho man. Good stuff.
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