new tune up

hey man everything else in your tune sounds good, but i feel the beat is a little empty once it drops, prehaps adding another cymbal break over the top would fill it out a bit more. but then again tht might have been what you were after, i dnt particularly kno too much about producing this kind of drum an bass so might not be the best person to judge. solid work tho bro
hey thanks for the replys and i and i am glad ya liked the sounds
and the feed back is so appreciated and yeah i am still learning the art of drumfills and i know thats my weak point in tunes
and the bass sounds i made them
and my laptop aint that great so i am forever importing and exporting
but the next tune i might have to do the old rewire bizniz
with cubase and reason

but again thanks for listening
hey there simm3r i liked all ya tune s mate

theres a good variety of different styles of music

nice 1


calmer skies is good it reminds me of when i used to live in brighton , in sussex (i am from the uk originly)
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