NEW TUNE !!! BIGORNA (from Brazil)


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Sep 29, 2005
Somewhere over the flyover
Those Hip hop sbeast are fat mate. Would be great to see a mixtape of yours in the future...
as for ya jungle is very promising indeed. I would like to play it, but there are a couple of things to tighten up ....
the beats is mainly the thing, the main drop you have a double kick, and the first kick ( which is not on beat 1 or 3 of the 4 beat bar) is slightly out of time, and you need to reduce the velocity.

The snares sound a little weak in comparisson to your Hip hop beats, so I'd say a few minutes attention should make them cut through a bit better.

I actually love the track, iot ssounds damn fat, and I really hope you do feel to go and tighten it up, cos if you do, I'll be rinzin it out.

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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agreed alot of things goin on in this tune an i recon all it really needs is work on the drums as the other element are pretty much there i cant listen to myspace players at the mo but i will feed on your hip hop wen firefox decides to load the players! nonethless this is a good attempt at some quite different jungle! feelin the riff man. big up second drop is quite large man can hear the effort in this keep at it mate!
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