New tracks from me and other Soul Trader Crew

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    Easy Guys,

    Thought I'd preview some of our latest tracks here for some feedback.
    The first is an unsigned track of AudioSketch's that we gave an update and new mixdown, and that has been well received so far, this will more than likely be getting released on Tom's album later this year:
    And this track is from Grammer who is a regular on this board, this is one of many of his tracks that I love and that will also be featuring on a solo release from him later in the year. Watch this guy
    These are two solo efforts from myself:
    These will possible feature on an EP I will be putting out later in the year.
    And this is a collab between me and David Scifa:
    Welcome all feedback and comments. If you like what you hear please head to our SC page. I have a debut release coming on Mindtech which I will post here shortly.
    Hope you are well.