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Nov 9, 2014
Hi folks,

Releasing a couple of tracks on DNBB a brazilian label later this month and was wondering about thoughts. I understand my style isn't to everyone's taste on here but I've been working harder at making the production quality a lot higher lately.


Thanks fellas,


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Feb 18, 2017
Hey mate,

i can only listen through my laptop right now, but i will check your tracks later on speakers.

the Track "Alone" : i think it´s done really good. Drums sound nice. The Vocals sit well. But i have to check later with my speakers. One thing i would change maybe: I would automate the cutoff of the Bass to make it shine between the leadsounds or drums. It seems to be a little static. But i guess it always comes down to personal preference and you could leave it like that. :)

The Track "We are one": Drums sit nice, Bass is nice. And i think it´s better than "Alone". But the same Bass thing here. Would automate it more.

Bart Barnes

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Jul 2, 2018

I think the mixing and structure is nice on both clips and they are being released which is good but I don't really like the commercial vibe of Alone it is just not my taste and We Are One is a bit harder but the sounds used in both songs are very basic it is a bit static like jojabes said and this makes it sound very commercial and puts me off but I guess some people would like that in their playlist or mix and you say yourself it is not for everyone so fair enough so the only feedback i can give is that you can mix and structure the samples together well but maybe you could develop your sound because these songs could have been made by anyone if that makes sense and no offence.
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