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My name is Jago (HYQXYZ)
Nice! I like the atmosphere and melody you used, vocal sample before the drop works great too. The mixdown on the drop needs some work though, drums are a bit overpowering and I'm not a too big fan of your bass sound. Other than that, great work! :)


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dude the arrangement on this is pretty awesome

i love how you cut out the drums in places after the drop

the vox sample is quite jokes, you could work with it though like layer particular words that you want to stand out (and put a wet reverb on the layered ones)
listen from 0.30 - 0.45
(see how they put emphasis on 'six step easy to follow guide' with the use of reverb? subtle but effective imo)

not a big fan of the lfo'd bassline, its pretty generic

the vol of some instruments is a bit low, eg i think the piano should be louder, and i think you could put a reverb (or a bigger reverb) on more stuff

the atmospherics are pretty cool, but they could be louder

but good job man, i think it's an intelligently written track
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This is exactly what I need!!! :) Thanks you so much for the feedback neddez and horace. The fact that you both pointed out the same things is great. I've gotten so close to the track, and by that I mean I've heard it so many times that it gets difficult to mixdown correctly. I was worried about muddying up the track that I was a little shy on reverb and turning up the levels of both the atmospheres and chords/melody. I'm actually excited to fire up ableton and make the suggested changes. Maybe, what I will do is increase the levels and use a sidechain compression with a quick release? That way the piano and chords will fit together nicely. Thanks again. Oh and i'm still interested in any addition feedback if any of the other 52 views care to provide any critiquing ;)
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