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Jan 3, 2012
Yo peeps. just uploaded this track onto soundcloud.. thought i would sign up to a drum and bass forum to get some feedback on it..

one thing is i know its not perfect. im usually a hiphop producer which doesnt really involve any synth work or such but this one i thought id double time it and make it drum and bass..

any feed back is appreciated.. even if it is slating my work ;)

peace and respectttt x
Hey mate,

Don't wanna sound rude but you posted this in the wrong section, should have gone in "New Talent" ;)

I will let you off though cause this is pretty god damn awesome man! :) I am actually really impressed, better than my D&B. Love the MCing, is that you?

If your looking to improve I'm sure someone more experience here could give you some tips on how to further improve the track. If you want my opinion I suggest adding a new sound or a melody or something :) Just to keep it fresh :) You could even do something with the bass at certain points perhaps. nice one though!

Hope you don't mind me asking, how long have you been producing?

yo thanks for the reply.. producing for a few years man.. done the cycle from fruity. to reason then on to ableton. thanks mite post it again in that section to see what people sayin.. yeah man i feel you with the ' more sounds, melodys and extra processing on the bass' was all gnna get done eventually just posted it up so a few people could hear it..

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na man.. the mcing isnt me its damian marley lol

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and another thing man.. see when im trying to post my tune.. how come the sound cloud version of the song doesnt come up in the post? that wud be a great help if you could help me with that. peace
if you want to post the soundcloud version you will have to put the link between this: [ sound cloud ]
[ / soundcloud ]
(without spaces)

I like your song a lot btw :D
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