New Track - Revised - Any Thoughts?

Jolly Jumpa

Dj Synergex
Dec 24, 2007
Like the beat in the beginning, but I think the hi hats ruin the origonal beat that you used, had a much better ccharacter than the one you bring in a few seconds later. IMO turn em' down or just use the first beat you had.
The bass is a nice grower, needs a bit of eqing in the ranges of 80-100Hz, but the beat needs to be amped a little, give it a bit more "umph" than it already has; it feels a little weak. Other than that it sounds like a solid chiller.


Keepin the jungle alive
VIP Junglist
Feb 7, 2008
like the electronic dog barking. rekon a chilled track like this benefits from some more creative drum werk. (a few more percs panning around, maybe some subtle jungle tams)

VIP Junglist
Mar 24, 2002
Halfway between the gutter and stars
Interesting sounds for sure, not your average minimal dnb thing.

The gnarly synths are really too thin to me, they could fill in some mids at least occasionally to give the track more movement. Also the 2 note sub/synth thing gets a little boring after 3 minutes, could use some changeups or more action in it.
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