New track review guys ;)


Twidller of knobs
Oct 18, 2006
Manila, Philippines.
Hey Mathews, listening now:

1: Music/Arrangement

Overall the tune is great. I like all the elements. I think you should remove the piano/melody that comes in at 1:06 so you just have the bass sounds.

The end is a bit weak, it just sounds cut off. Maybe extend it to 8 bars instead of the 4?

2: Balance:

I feel the kick is a bit loud, especially in the intro. My advise is to lower that, at least in the intro and then raise it back up when the drop comes in. Alternatively you could use a high pass filter slowly sweeping down during the intro part for the drum parts and then disable it for when the drop comes in.

3: Sounds:

While the bass sounds are cool they sound a bit crowded and very dry. Putting reverb on bass is a no-no to some people but putting a little reverb on some of the bass sounds with more top end content might help push some of them to the back.
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