New Track - Naismith - Oxygen -


Too many skulls!">:O
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this is your 6th post I guess... so you're new to the forum, welcome. I hope you get involved in here giving feedback to some people! :)

Well... your ideas are good ideas in my opinion... apart from that everything I'm going to say is pretty negative to hear, but it's good that you work on it.
First of all... this song needs a much better structure, looks like the bridge (which should be deep and quieter to let the listener ears breath) is much more like the body of the song.
Hear other dnb tunes to know how structure works. like 16 bars intro, 64 bars body, 32 breakdown 64 bars body 16 outro. <--- That's the most commercial structure, since it has a very short intro and the song starts moving so quick, usually in 40secs at 175 bpm.
Also you should get "the sound" of the system you work in. You have to know the debilities and pros of your set up, knowing what sounds good on them and achieve it.
Hope this helps.
hey thanks for the feedback man, Im relatively new to this, and I have found structure to be the main thing im trying to grasp, I appreciate your imput Il keep working on it and post up the result when Im done! Cheers!