New track mock -up, curious how this sounds. Thanks for any comments.

Hey man, for sure this idea works, you just need to polish it a bit in my oppinion :).
I think the chopped vocals are cool, but maybe you can bring in some variation either through occasionally using another piece of the original sample or maybe switch up the chopping pattern a lil.
The only other criticism id have is those chopped and delayed drums in the very beginning, imo they come a lil too sudden, but that might just be me.
Anyway, when the song drops the bassline sounds sick and the drums are tight so i think your going the right direction. Let me know when and if you update the song!


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Thank you, I realize some of this mix is pretty rough. It is one of those that I did in one night and then somewhat hastily uploaded at the time so I wouldn't forget. Im always working too many tunes at once, just havin fun rather than making it sound good! My hope with my workflow is that I come back to the good ones that got some good feedback then do a remix possibly, but im always like wanting to fuck with new tunes and sounds- so i tebd to have a lot of disorganization.


The concept is solid!

I think the underwater sounding intro is really cool. If it were me I might just roll that out as the core of the tune and build around that. But your call! I think the tune could use a bit more structure/tension. But, again, that's really up to you :)

As far as the mix is concerned, some muddiness in the low end.