New track, i need YOU


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the reeces are really wicked mate nice and heavy feel , nice samples

i was just listening to the bass before the drop thinking your gonna need a heavy beat to support that, u need to work on ur drums man thats all... the bass is sweet tho
Yeah the reeces are very very good but I couldn't help thinking why don't you just let that evil one rip intead of cutting its volume (the one that comes in about 45 secs in). Nice sound but when you cut that one out its sounds a bit empty so I would be tempted to use that as the meat of the track. I love the horns - they remind me of eeht horn track. Beats/Hi hats don't really work for me, a bit to busy. In general although the track seems to lack direction there's some great clean sounds there. Like your style.
Thx buddies,

Vicious, i wanted to work on multi-reeces building that's why i didn't kept that one entire even if, i most admit, it kicks ass as it is (after i processed the sound itself of course:)). Moreover i hate keeping a sample as it is, i need to process it, and cut it, pitch it, use it in a different way it would be used by anybody. Just a way of creating original content.
I agree with you about the drums, especially the hats, i have some problems feeling the soul of DnB hats. Got to work on it.

Thx a lot Ilovelondon, it guessed so but since i was logged on soundcloud at the very moment i made a test clicking on the link, it worked for me. I made a quick fix on it.