new track - 'games'


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Jun 9, 2008
not sure how this one will be received, im quite happy with it though. was wondering if anyone thinks i could do with a bigger variety of sounds in the main section of the tune, or if i should just refine the ones i already have...

all feedback appreciated (y)
Awesome, very hip hoppy feel at the start which is always nice, a bit like kiss kiss bang bang, Ohhhhh the drop smacks you in the ass, but definately needs more of a subby bass, fucking good ideas though! keep at it m8.
thanks for checking people, much appreciated.

bass definitely seems an issue, i listened on a mates system the other night and can really hear the difference from my own.

as for breaks pimp, do u mean in the first section? cos in the main body i have about 8 layers of breaks, and i think the problem maybe they are cancelling each other out rather than adding depth... EDIT: or do you reckon i can keep slamming more in there?

still - thanks for the listen (y)
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I think you should edit them dude,love the minimalism,always said less is more...Im not a huge fan of the jump up style,but this is good tune...does need more sub though!Are you using monitors or a hifi?If your using a hifi I would reccomend monitors as these will give you a better representation of the sound...investment is always a good idea...If you can,check out my tune,its on this page,its called the treatment,and is tough as boots...
im thinkin i mite jus throw this one away, listenin back now it sounds so cheap and nasty, but i have learnt new sounds from it so it aint a total loss. as for speakers, im using logitech desktop! oh the shame...

cheers for checking
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