new track from bad ace inc.

Paradigm X

Nov 15, 2003
dj.jason said:
i cant beleive no ones has commented for this tune yet.

bad ace inc bomb yet again :missile:

Agreed !

Good tunes man, well like the Some Justice RMX well one of my faves from waybackwhen, even got the oldschool stabs. Awesome remix really well done!

Anyway, heaven as intended.

nice intro pads, well done as per the others. Beats are ok, bit more variation needed IMO, either in style, chops or sounds. Good synth bizness. In fact sounds very much like a lot of commercial stuff, really well done. sounds a lot like what fabio was playing the other day. Nice. 7-10


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Oct 27, 2003
adelaide, australia
bad ace inc. said:
Jesus this is an old thread ;) this tune was made a really long time ago but cheers 4 the comments.

yea i did some hunting for some of ya tunes on here, i thought there has got to be more than just eastern west that rocks :not_worth
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