new track FIESTA/Tunk


Code Monkey
Jun 21, 2007
La Fiesta musica

Really bright tune, I like the percussion in the intro -- does kinda have a latin vibe to it in the intro

There is a certain way tunes sound when you aren't 100% selective about percussive tone and this has it -- take some time to tune/detune your percussive elements a few semitones each way and see where they sound best -- if one particular key doesn't stand out as really complimenting whatever material you feel is the backbone, scrap it and try something else --

keep at it mang!


Dec 16, 2008
nice one sati cheers... im still playin with the drums, this was the second set i tried. but i know what you sayin bout the tuning aspect...will work on em. ta man.!
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