New track feedback!?

Thanks for checking it out guys! Misti really helped make this one sound proper.

Nice feel in the tracks, there could be more going on in the first track

I know what you mean, I feel it's pretty repetitive.

It's good to get some more ears on the track and hear what you guys think though so thanks again!
Bass sounds a little heavy/pushed to my ears, no offence to Misti on that one... we all know how hard mastering is right?

Decent track, but i think a switch up on the rhodes and bassline would help keep it interesting.

The vocal and mids seem a bit quiet to me aswell. Id like to hear more of the vocal in any case and a bit more of the techy bass sounds.

Still always impressed and good to see what the forums mastering guys are doing.
Thanks Ron, it's always good to hear your input. Think I'm gonna let this one sit as is for a bit and maybe I'll do a VIP of it later on.

I agree on the tech bass sounds though, I tried adding a few more but ended up erasing them cuz I couldn't get em to fit right. Also I've always had a hard time mixing vocals in to a track. But thanks for the advice I'll keep all this in mind on the new tracks I'm working on.

Thanks again guys!
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