New Track. Enjoy!

This sounds great man! In the opening I was starting to think it could use some fx or lead type sound over the top of the automated pad sound, but before I could dwell on that for too long it changed up with the vocal clip and staccato synth at 0:44. The build up is surprisingly nice and smooth given that there are no drums for this part.
Loving the snare!
I feel like you could introduce a contrasting sound to the rest in the second drop maybe, just to add some diversity as it's quite a long track.
Overall a really nice and evolving piece though dude, well in :)


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Cheers man. Nice of you to say.

I was going to add some drums into the intro but I'm glad I chose not to in the end. Glad you like the snare too because the more I heard it the more I thought it didn't fit the track well enough but thats only because similar tracks have different snares so I suppose different is better.

I'll try and mix it up a bit another time, i'll let the dust settle first. I don't particularly want to change the track too much so i'll have to have a good think.

Take it easy mate!