New Track - Drum and bass


Aug 31, 2011

Ez atrio, you have some good sounds in there you just need to work on your levels and eqing in the mixdown

check out this post i put up a couple of weeks back should help ya

I would start by taking some high end of that shaker loop you have in there. Bring your kick and snare up a bit in the mix. Reduce the volume of that rise you have put in before the drop as well. The rest of the sounds i think could just do with some eq just to allow some space for everything in the mix.

Hope this helps.

If you have some time please check out some of my tunes and leave some feedback


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Sep 20, 2011
Nantes, France
As rezonate said , there is some pretty cool sounds in here but the mixdown needs a lot of work , i can advise you to check out some production masterclasses on youtube , the chase and status one really helped me understand how every thing is suppose to work in a beat !


Sep 1, 2011
yo ive just done some EQ'in , so relisten. cheers for the advice rez and aelian was a big help. will check out your stuff tommora rez
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