new track by ThoughtForm - lost in ikea ft Saul Williams

The transition from the intro to the 'drop/chorus/whatever' doesn't really fit, as if you put 2 different songs together. I can imagine the intro being used in a different song.


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Today I am going to talk about this forum, feedback and your drums.
So on this forum the best way to get feedback is to post your track like this. Here reciprocity is the key word. Leave feedback to get feedback. Believe me it takes time but many people are happy to listen to one of your tracks and help you if you can do the same. If you are better than a producer leave helpful information to better their track. If you are not better but listen to... A John Mistz song leave a post like I like this or did not like this. You do not need to be a better producer to leave an opinion about a track. Anybody will appreciate it, but always be honest.

Now your drums. You my friend need a break. Really listen to your drums and tell me they sound "natural." Your drums sound very mechanical. Your hats velocities are stagnate and kick and snare sound weak. You Do NOT need to drop these. However get a break like the Amen or Think break, and play it with your drums. Notice how the drums will instantly start to sound more natural. high pass the break to around 100hz to 300hz(this key play around with what sound right to you) amd listen. Your drums will start to sound more natural. Next side chain your kick and snare to the break with a fast attack and release. The your drums will come alive if you do this right. Also, you could try (and should try) to cut out the kick and snare in the break and replace it with your own kick and snare. These are two helpful hints to getting your drums to sound better.

Sorry, I hurt my back a day ago and I am all messed up on oxycotin, and wine. Please mind my poor grammer.
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