New track 1st dnb production Feed back much welcome


I'll Kill You Bastard !!!
hi all, have been mixing dnb for years, and just recently got my self a copy of FL 8 XXL, i hope the linkworks any way !!!
would love honest feed back good or bad ivetried to eq as ive gone along, The track is not finished yet, but wanted feed back and advice to spur me on....

First off it soundz very similar to Warhead (Ram Trilogy Rmx) have a listen ???

Not too sure about the tune though, like i said it sounds very similar to Warhead, which isn't a good thing personally imo(Need to think more original)

Fuck tryin' to make a dancefloor smasher, just make something you enjoy and that you think soundz good to you & your skillz will develop naturally over time.


It think it needs more power to it. More aggressive (Distortion)

Needs alot more volume. Really quiet.

Beats actually sound quite good & im listening through my monitoring setup

Bass aint right at all sound really strange. I can't run it through my sub to have a good listen at the mo caus' its 4.30 am Ha.

Trust mate, iv'e been miximg D&B for over 10 years now and the transition from miximg to makin' your own tunes ain't as easy as you think.

Please dont take any of this as criticism its not, just keep at it. Iv'e heard alot worse.

If this your first tune then fair play. Not a bad attempt.

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thanks for the feed back, i actually had warhead in mind when i made it, lol. im gonna get straight back on be continued

let me know when you have put it through your sub!
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