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May 18, 2003
TRE'IN, NJ - where else
well hi everyone. ill tell you a little about myself. live in tre'in nj. go to philly all the time to parties. the scene is huge here. ive been playin DNB for like 6 years now. im more of an oldskool head. i love old NO-U-TURN and METALHEADZ. thats the kinda shit i play. dont get me wrong... the new shit rips to. i saw DYLAN on friday and it was by far the EVILest set ive EVER heard :chainsaw: well thats it for now i guess. hit me up if you want to talk.
i also play DRUMS in a hardcore (screeeeemo) band :rockposse :slayer:
later on everyone. ill be postin alot so be prepared
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