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Feb 8, 2009
Hey peeps just thought id give me self an intro!

My name is Chris and i currently live in Staffordshire (stoke-on-trent) where the dnb situation is awful ppl round here just don't no good music, im at staffs uni studying VFX 3D Design & Concept.

Ive been into drum and bass since 2004 and i really sad to say my love for dnb started from listening to pendulum :( but it was vault which i still think is a massive tune now, i listen to all DnB (except new pendulum) and dub step and im really loving all the new stuff from ram records and other labels alike i really think this year is going to be huge from DnB specially at Rams new home Matter last friday night was one of my best nights 2 date.

Anyways ive kinda rushed this so hope to speak to you all soon.

Forgot to add im currently using 2 x Stanton T.120 with a sh*t Numark 2channel mixer :( will be getting a Behringer DJX 750 or DDM 4000 Next month tho.

Oh yea does anyone know how to sign up from the Ram promo's and how much it costs.
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Feb 23, 2009
Has anyone bought this type of sling shot before that holds the amo in the handle?
this company has free shipping to anywhere in the world and they guarantee delivery to Australia. I heard that sling shots
are ok to sell in Australia as long as you say they are being used to toss bait in the water when you go fishing, any truth
to thatone?
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