New to the site

Hey fellow DnB lovers! My names Carmelo.. Kinda like the chocolate... aha,
as of now I am registered to the site :D Im from Perth Australia Been experimenting
With electronic music for a couple years off and on,
Starting to take it a lot more seriously and have begun producing the Drum of the bass

Heres a small Preview of something I am looking to turn into a fully mastered track, still needs a lot of work but you get an idea of what I am looking for.
The site seems like it has quite a lot to offer so I hope to enjoy my stay.

Hey Carmelo! Interesting name by the way but welcome to the site! Im new as well but i imagine you'll still appreciate some feedback on that track haha
Its got a nice musical feel to it but you should keep in mind that in drum and bass there is a lot of emphasis on the drums and you can't hear them very much in your track, or not the kick and snare at least. Just try to let them punch through the rest of the elements.
How long have you been producing for may i ask?