New to the site, with new tunes ...

Dan M

hard gay northern bear
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i posted this in the production section , i now realise this is the place for it ...

easy fellas!

im using FL Studio 7 , been producing less than 2 weeks.

ive got a few new songs on myspace,

please take the time to listen to a couple of my tracks and feedback is appreciated ..

as much critisism as possible so i know where im going wrong!!,

check out beware of the dog and broken brain cell ...

i will listen to your tunes and feedback aswell, unforttunately i cant leave much technical feedback.


dar kist

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not bad dude, first thing you can do is study up on eqing, it has to be the most important thing to start learning, then look into compression, dogs on acid forum has loads of info on these things, it just takes loads of patience and time and effort, but you;ll get there if you stick to it,

you have some good ideas, i would say but more effects in there, delays, reverb is pretty important to,

i hear you make your own breaks, thats good keep at it, try sampling samples breaks in with them to get a better sound,

hope this helps dude.