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    My name is Dalton, I'm 24 years old and love DNB
    I started looking for electronica music ever since I heard it as a kid in 2000
    I didn't find the name of what I loved so much until 2006
    A stranger showed me some tunes I couldn't describe the emotion I felt. He told me it was Drum and Bass.
    From that point on I was hooked and happy to find something that made me happy.
    All my friends were into Country or Rock/metal which I like but I never felt at that excitement like I did with eletronica.
    With that said I enjoy many varieties of Electronica.
    I grew up in the states and now travel to beautiful places to work at big resorts( Teton National Park, sml/ St jaun Islands, Roche Harbor).

    I hike with friends and enjoy life day by day. I only been two concerts as well as raves. I want to discover more and be immersed into a community that can relate musical taste with me
    an hope to find that here.

    Favorite Artists
    - Dj Hidden
    - Brookes brothers
    - rregula & dementia
    - Noisia

    I hope to find some good friends and find some new music to fall in love with!!!

    -Stay gold
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    Youve come to the right place, welcome.​
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    Brussels, Belgium, Belgium