new to the forum, and here's my newest music

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Hi everybody, new to the forum, and have a new track on the unsigned list, a remix I did for a battleofthebeatz contest. You can hear it there, or at this link: (this is a 320kb mp3)

    track is

    Virus-vs-Essence - "Embers" (Synrgy's Sundown Mix) - don't know what to call the style besides maybe... "2003 anthem-ish"

    hope y'all enjoy

    as for feedback, open to anything, but mostly just concerned with "I'd play that" or "I wouldn't play that because"

    *edit* just read the rules, sorry for posting before I did that, but I think it's cool now, took off the website link, etc.
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