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May 24, 2003
Tha Outer Edges Of Tha Void
High :pimp:
I'm New To Tha Board And Just Wanted To Introduce Myself.
My Name is Jason Fletcher I Own Xmuzik Recordz Based Out Of Louisiana.
I Look Forward To Meeting Everyone On Tha Board And Having A Good Time.
I'll Be Uploading Tha 1st Of My Labels Promo Songs In Late Summer 2003

and all of tha online mp3 muzik distributers on the net


Jason Fletcher
Tha Last Rockstar :rslayer:

XMUZIK ----- Street Tapez For Tha Internet

Look For Tha 1st XMUZIK Release Coming In 2004

" Tha Streets Of A New World Order "

2 DVD Videos
1 DVD Data Full Of 4.5 GB Of Xmuzik Mp3's
3 Mp3 Cds
1 Wav Cd
It'll Have A 40-50 Page Maybe More Insert Booklet With Artwork
A Flash Animation Game Called X-Terrorist Which Will Be Like A Gameboy Advance Game Preview Of Tha Full Blown Game That Will Be Put Out At A Later Date
Full macromedia Enhancements With Video's Screen Savers , Lyrics Etc.

Feat. To Name A Few

John Blackstar
Lil Corey
Tha Lonely Souls

thats over 500 songs, 4 Hours of Video
alone Plus Much Much More

Including Tha Songs :violin:

Tha Dark Train Of Doom
I Wipe My Ass With Tha Rave Act
Tha Angels with Cocaine Wings
George W. Bush Is Captain Hook
Attack Of Tha Sinister Syrup
Mass Media Is A Cult
Tha Great Satan Al Jazeera's Satellite Fuck Fest
Tha Ghost Of Napster
Tha Death Of Tha American Dream
Missles Made Of Crayons
Oil Is Uncle Sam's Heroin
Tha Ancient Arcade
AT&T Is Tha Death Star
Tha Belly Of Tha Beast
Atari's Son
Tha Black Unicorn
Dried Up Like Doomsday
Tha Serpent's Kiss
Tha Clown Slaves
Herbie Tha Hearse
Tha PMRC Is For Bitches
Tha Vaults of Erowid
Tha Orphans Of Doom
Magick Mushrooms
Tha Skull With Diamond Eyez
Taxes For Christ
Shadows Under Tha Cradle
Tha Skeleton Key
Into Oblivion
Dried Up Like Doomsday
Video Camera Vultures
Tha Axis Of Corporate Evil
Jezebel's Lair
PBS On Xpillz
Sons Of A Blistered Sun
Cotten Candy Clouds
Thank God For Atom Bombs
Deaths Head
So U.N. Happy
Tha State Theater is Haunted
Poets Of A Dead Age
Riots And Make Believe
Sex Kitten
Tha Black Unicorn
Tha Beauty Of Street Graffiti
Multicolored Barcodez
Tha 1000 Points Of Light
Third Coast
Tha Underground Cities
Sex Drugz , Rave N Roll


Jason Fletcher
Tha Last Rockstar :drums:
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