New to drum & bass? Want us to recommend you some tunes??? PLEASE READ!

Jajaja yeah I just put calibre in the box i think I have jut heard like 2 or 3 songs from him
But Thanks d-low that should keep me bussy for the day
Fairly new to DnB got really sick of dubstep, ever since skrillex jump in the scene everything turned into complextro shit, glad no-one like skrillex has polluted DnB
glad i found a forum to bum around in for a while, really good links and references keep it up (y)
That is very useful. Thanks!

Making up subgenres? They are being made up every day ;) Just look at beatport. Some of the names of genres are just mindblowing!
Maztek, Neonlight, Noisia, Phace, Optiv & BTK, NeureX, Semantics, Future signal, Black Sun Empire, Spor, Audio

Can anyone recommend some tunes that are similar to DJ Fresh's Lassitude and Hypercaine . I really like his sound. There's something about it that you can really can get into. I haven't found a song that's as... I don't know how to describe it, it has a quality that really gets the heart pumping and gets you really involved.
Hey, so I've recently decided to actively listen to DnB rather than passively. I come from a trance background and am quite a fan of female vocals.
my top 3 tunes so far are:
Chase & status - Flashing light (Feat. sub focus & takura)
Alex Clare - Too close
Magnetic man - I need air
Apologies if any of the above are not DnB.
I've been hunting on youtube, but can't find anything quite as close. Appreciate any awesome tunes you guys can chuck at me. Cheers.
Ok, im not trying to piss anyone off or sound like an idiot. And ive browsed through these topics, anyways, ill just list off some of the groups i listen to, the qemists, camo and krooked, subsonik, geneticbros, netsky. You get the picture, im assuming all you hardcore bassheads are just getting nauseated reading the list. But, i was the vocalist in a metal band so dont hate. And i also am quite a fan of ed rush & optical. I do like the heavy, NOW ANYWAYS, what im asking, is what do you lump these artists into categorically, is it considered jump up? or is it liquid? i dont even freaking understand. Sorry. i just like a sick melody. ok. and its really frustrating trying to search for new stuff when i cant figure out how the genres are applied.
Netsky is Liquid/Liquid Funk
Camo & Krooked are an interesting one, they make a variety of tunes!

search for Hospital Records, label they are on, plenty more tunes like that :)

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yeah haha i know hospital has a lot of stuff i like, and then at the same time a lot of stuff i dont like. camo and K are definitely all over the place but some of the stuff i really like. Far away, in particular. So im assuming most of the stuff i listed is sort of a combo of many genres and probably a hybrid of jump/liquid.
it's hard to seperate the sub genres sometimes, but if you're interested enough then by time sub genres don't matter. you'll instantly know the sound by just seeing the name of an artist or label. i don't label dnb really. for me dnb divides into 3 parts

1. dark as in minimal, deep, heavy stuff - enei, xtrah, icicle's newer stuff, alix perez's newer stuff, octane & dlr, s.p.y. dispatch recordings, critical recordings, virus recordings etc. etc.
2. light as in jazzy stuff - icicle's older stuff, alix perez's older stuff, calibre, makoto, ltj bukem, soul.r records etc.
3. ravey, clubby stuff that i don't really listen to anymore - hazard, camo & krooked, netsky's brand new stuff, high contrast's brand new stuff, current value)

some stuff i think goes in the same box with camo n krooked. in a big box with some of these tunes being in opposite corners, but still:

john b
danny byrd

i myself don't listen to these artists above really, except rockwell.
I'm fairly new to DnB. I saw a recommendation for Murderbot - More Guns and I was very skeptical because jungle doesn't appeal to me, but it is probably the best DnB track I've yet heard.

I tend to much prefer high-energy DnB but am not restrictive on genre. The combination of complexity (especially in percussion), very clever high-energy bass lines, and overall creativity really blew me away in the above track. I don't necessarily prefer jungle by any means (maybe I do, I haven't heard enough), but I'm basically looking for more "good" music like the above. Creativity, complexity, subtlety, and hard-hitting energy are what I'm especially looking for.
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