Drum & Bass NEW ! The Ikon Drum n Bass Show with KF81


Two hours of quality deep and tech stepping drum n bass music..

Out to Section8 Recordings, Sick Cycle And Tech Itch Recordings for this weeks
free tunage.. !

320 Kbps

Where did you go - Mohican Suns(Original Mix)

Simple mind - Dawn Wall (Original Mix)

Spears - Dawn Wall (Original Mix)

Nobody - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)

Mentor - Payback (Original Mix)

Soulfully - Payback (Original Mix)

Rock it - L-Side, Roger Bari (Original Mix)

Drip drop - Paul T, Edward Oberon (Original Mix)

Tiger - Abstract (Original Mix)

Never too much - Command Strange (Original Mix)

Static in the line - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Woody phoenix Feat. Jabz MC - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Back to the beginning - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Bit new Feat. Jabz MC - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Antidote - Conspire (Original Mix)

Mind, body and soul - Madcap, Vinyl Junkie (Original Mix)

Long distance - MSDOS, Malaky (Original Mix)

Waves - MSDOS (Original Mix)

Fire - Conspire (Original Mix)

Whirlwind - Conspire (Original Mix)

Cryostasis - Terror Cell (Original Mix)

Meld - Brakken (Original Mix)

Covert system - 6Block (Original Mix)

Zero loss - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Dirty n high - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

A means to an end - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Super bass - Drumagick, DJ Marky (Original Mix)

Cosmic soul - Alex db (Original Mix)


Two hours of deep, liquid and tech stepping drum and bass.. !

Out to Tech Itch Records, Sick Cycle and Section 8 Recordings for
this weeks free tunage.. !

320 Kbps

The Flavour - Lurch, Anthony Kasper (Original Mix)

A love so true - Dave Owen (Original Mix)

Sweet august - MSDOS (Original Mix)

Shelter - Philth, Forren (Original Mix)

Your love - Philth (Scar Remix)

Facade - Facing Jinx (Philth Remix)

Rain - Madcap (Original Mix)

Invisible sounds - Level 2, T.r.a.c, Christina Tamayo (Original Mix)

Only one who knows - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

For us - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Mikes - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Between galaxies - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

The void - Philth, Agman Gora (Original Mix)

Pending - Conspire (Original Mix)

Settle down - Jaybee Madcap (Original Mix)

Here comes - Jaybee, Madcap (Original Mix)

Mind, body and soul - Madcap, Vinyl Junkie (Original Mix)

Jupiters moon - Voyage (Original Mix)

That sound - Raw Science (Original Mix)

Force majeure - DJ E (Original Mix)

Founder - Biostacis (Original Mix)

No surrender - Drum Cypha (Original Mix)

False flag - Indidjinous (Original Mix)

Dreams - Conspire (Original Mix)

Watching you - Madcap (Original Mix)

Let me inside - Furney (Original Mix)

She knew - Pappa Gee, J-Rize (Explicit Remix)


Two hours of good quality deep and liquid drum and bass music..

Out to French Plates, Hmr, Koherent, Noizesplitter,
Icicle, DJ Ransome and Silhouette Audio for this weeks free tunage.. !

320 Kbps

Confession - Substense (Original Mix)

Chasing stars Feat. Natalie Major - Peyo (Original Mix)

Drama line - Trail (Original Mix)

Broken - Bobby (Original Mix)

Wild n wonderful - A.K.A, Payback (Original Mix)

Consequence - Madcap (Original Mix)

Kaleidoscope moods - Furney (Original Mix)

Pawn shop - Dialekt (Original Mix)

Colibri - Hazqa (Original Mix)

Simple mind - Khords (Original Mix)

Breathing space - Conspire (Original Mix)

Dream of you - The Watchmaker (Original Mix)

This is love - Scott Allen (Command Strange Remix)

Deep deeper - Madcap (Original Mix)

Gyptian sensi dub - Hektic (Original Mix)

Supa dupa - Hmr (Original Mix)

Mssingno - Xe2 (Koherent Bootleg)

Music for the people - Precision (Koherent Remix)

Divergence - Subdivsion/Lusive (Koherent Remix)

Tea time - DJ Ransome (Original Mix)

It’s always been you - DJ Ransome (Original Mix)

Free space - Flow Company (Original Mix)

Green light Feat. Kelly Noland - Free Company (Original Mix)

Ice cold - Four Points & Ken Rhodes (Original Mix)

Reflection - Noizesplitter (Original Mix)

Optic - Icicle (Original Mix)


Two hours of energetic drum and bass…

Bit of a tougher one this week..
Out to French Plates and Default Recordings for this weeks free music..

320 Kbps

Second nature - Kantyze (Original Mix)

Emprunts - Cyb (Original Mix)

Backbite - Kuantum & Soundia (Original Mix)

Breather - Gunston (Original Mix)

The specialist - Fragment (Original Mix)

Project X - Coolhand Flex & Effekttz (Original Mix)

Circuitry - DJ Ransome (Original Mix)

You know the truth - Synthforce (Original Mix)

Pandoras box - Foureye (Original Mix)

Casino royale - DJ Zinc (Original Mix)

174 Trek - DJ Zinc (Original Mix)

Steppin’ stones - DJ Zinc (Zinc & Friction Remix)

Hush hush - Shimon (Original Mix)

Night flight - Andy C (Shimon Remix)

When i - DJ Zinc, Makoto (Original Mix)

Go Dj - Jammin - (DJ Zinc Remix)

Believe it - Shimon, Darrison (Original Mix)

Crystal clear - Shimon (Original Mix)

Back up - DJ Zinc (Original Mix)

Boppa - DJ Zinc (Original Mix)

Scaredy Cat - Shimon, Trimer (Original Mix)

Bring war - Shimon, Coppa, Trimer (Original Mix)

Physio - Shimon, Darrison (Original Mix)

Transition - Reptile (Original Mix)

Crescent - The Caracal Project (Original Mix)

Mammoth paradise - Redpill (Original Mix)

Organic - BNVT (Original Mix)

Eliminate - Hydrolikz (Original Mix)

Break it off - Nkls & Raxx (Original Mix)

Rock it - L-Side, Roger Bari (Original Mix)


A two hour journey through some quality drum and bass music..

Out to Default Recordings, Plush Recordings, Section8 Recordings and DJ Ransome & SynthForce
for this weeks great free music.. :)

320 Kbps

Translucent - Kidsan (Original Mix)

Funky number - Henry (Original Mix)

Green light Feat. Kelly Noland - Flow Company (Original Mix)

Morning view - SMol (Original Mix)

Blurredshit - Drumaaa2 (Original Mix)

Find myself asking go - Freebie (Original Mix)

Loung 3 - Freebie (Original Mix)

Music is familia - Technimatic v Nils Frahm (Original Mix)

You’re the one for me - Aetherial (Original Mix)

Days & hours - J.O.E (Original Mix)

Bitten - Conrad Subs (Original Mix)

Advanced Technology - Coolhand Flex (Original Mix)

Limitless - Terrence & Phillip (Original Mix)

Creep forward - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Smart control - Pareidolia (Original Mix)

Buffer error - Pareidolia (Original Mix)

M beat Feat General Levy - Incredible (Galvatron Remix)

Reboot - Horde (Original Mix)

Monroe - Dephas8 (Original Mix)

Who got da funk - Break (BoomBassBrothers Remix)

Infinity - Phantasy & Dextone (Original Mix)

Live & die - KRPT (Original Mix)

Nemesis - Void One (Original Mix)

Control - Skylark (Original Mix)

I will - Kamuku (Original Mix)

Random burst - Kamuku (Original Mix)

Believe me - Xorcore (DJ Ransome & SynthForce Remix)


Two hours of quality drum and bass music..

Mixed live on dnbradio.com

You’re missing life - Etherwood (Original Mix)

Three eagles - Etherwood (Original Mix)

It’s you - Champion, Murdock (Original Mix)

Implosion - Seba (Original Mix)

Nobody knows (Original Mix)

Shiver - Lavance & Skarpa (Original Mix)

Portal - Ripple (Original Mix)

Cold blocks - Tyler Frost (Original Mix)

1966 - Enso (Original Mix)

Pensio303 - Casey Orange (SkudKid Remix)

In stillness - Etherwood (Original Mix)

Shining over me - Etherwood (Original Mix)

Come back home - Netsky (Original Mix)

Everyday - Netsky (Original Mix)

Hypnotise - Murdoch (Original Mix)

I need riddim - Murdoch (Original Mix)

Scarab - DMR (Original Mix)

Blindside - DMR (Original Mix)

The game - Inward Phase (Original Mix)

999 Days - Master (Original Mix)

Fathoms - Amos (Original Mix)

Clown season - ALB (Original Mix)

Fluid 1 - ALB (Original Mix)

Prayer - Blastikz (Original Mix)

The hallows - Andy Leech (Alexvnder Remix)

Jungle wars response unit - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Gnarly - Kazan (Original Mix)

Apache thing - Soul Intent (Original Mix)

Quick jungle Feat. MC Fats - DJ Hybrid (Remix)

Music is familiar - Technimatic V’s Nils Frahm (Original Mix)

Antidote - Conspire (Original Mix)


A two hour journey through all things drum and bass.. !

Massive shout to all the producers.. Loads of free music in the mix this week !

Serenity - Esym (Original Mix)

Ascend - Esym (Original Mix)

Hiding - Esym (Original Mix)

Tension - Esym (Original Mix)

Justify - Vexed (Original Mix)

Vietnam specialist - JComma (Original Mix)

Alchemist - Abstrakt Vision (Original Mix)

Closer Feat. Kiddah - Fragment (Original Mix)

Meander - Fragment (Original Mix)

Replacement - Oz (Original Mix)

Hope - Neutral Density (Original Mix)

Better late than never - Saikon (Original Mix)

High times Feat. MC Fats - L-Side (Original Mix)

Far cry from consistency - Bloomph (Original Mix)

Shuttle - Lezley D (Original Mix)

Beyond the void - Centaspike (Original Mix)

Broken street lamp - Centaspike (Original Mix)

Sleeper agents - Centaspike (Original Mix)

Eternity - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Lions calling - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Requiem - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)

Bruised - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Ehires - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Dessert storm - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Experiments - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Flair - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Boomerang - Bohemian & Filip Motovunski (Original Mix)

Paint the stars - Ziz & Doc Logic (Original Mix)

What i am - Ziz & Doc Logic (Original Mix)

Flashlight Feat. Inja - Whiney (Original Mix)

Hold on a while Feat. Jono Mcleery - Technimatic (Alix Perez Remix)


Three hours of quality drum and bass.. !

A three hour journey through mixed styles of the spectrum.. !

A massive shout to Jon Tetly and Abstract Illusion for this weeks free music..

Isolation - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Abyss - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)

You got it - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)

Itch it up - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)

Artificial Skin - London Elektricity, Emer Dineen (Keeno VIP)

Tomorrows another day - Netsky (Original Mix)

King of the stars - Crystal Clear, Netsky (Original Mix)

Stasis - Seba (Original Mix)

Jungle music - Seba (Original Mix)

Remind me - High Contrast (Original Mix)

Life is - Seba (Original Mix)

Blaze and fade out Feat. Krister Linder - Seba (12” Version)

Before i can breath - Seba, Physics (Original Mix)

Round one - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)

Twilight - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)

Replicant reprisal - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Basstafari - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Dubs fell - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

She said go - Freebie from Soundcloud (Original Mix)

Feel the night - Ugo Platana, Ostbahnhof (Koncept Remix)

Hit the freeway - Toni Braxton (Matrix & Danny J Remix)

Trippin’ - Matrix and Future Bound (Original Mix)

Dreams - Aperio (Original Mix)

Give a hand - Bohemian (Original Mix)

Funky number - Henry (Original Mix)

Acting up - Dialogue (Original Mix)

Original - Murdoch (Original Mix)

Final frontier Feat. Doctrine - Murdoch (Original Mix)

A mi fi tell you - Abstract Illusion (Re-edit)

Alpha male - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Apache ape - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Valley of the shadows - Abstract Illusion (Abstract Illusion Bootleg)

Ninety three - Abstract Illusion (Remaster)

Pending - Conspire (Original Mix)

Settle down - Jaybee, Madcap (Original Mix)

Mind, body and soul - Madcap, Jaybee (Original Mix)

Darkside-Revealed - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

Jungle wars response unit - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)

The flavour - Lurch, Anthony Kasper (Original Mix)

A love so true - Dave Owen (Original Mix)


Yeah i have always done it like that and not really thought about it, i thought it was alright.. lol

I have just had a look at other peoples track lists and they do it the other way..

I think you are right though, thanks for the constructive criticism, i am going to change it and do it the other way from now on !

I hope you enjoy listening to the mix, it was a good one this week :)


4 Hours of energectic drum and bass, featuring tech step and neurofunk… !

320 Kbps

Miya Moro - Ghost (Original Mix)

Nomad - Ripples (Original Mix)

Spoke - Knock off (Original Mix)

J. Kong - Rock Riddem (Original Mix)

Dedman - Stagnate (Original Mix)

Recall - Splinter of Evil (Original Mix)

Recall - Destroyed, Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)

Recall - Cthulu (Original Mix)

Recall - Kids Who Get High - (Original Mix)

DnbPro - Hit Them With This (Original Mix)

DnbPro - Drop The Bass ! (Original Mix)

DnbPro - Project 174 (Original Mix)

DnbPro - Monstor (Original Mix)

Mashox & Cyke - Irreversible (Original Mix)

Billian & NickBee - Extrasensory (Original Mix)

Gunston - Vectral V5 (Fat Mix)

Kenesis Feat. Talabun MC - Mechanisms (Original Mix)

Kenesis - Breakdown (Original Mix)

Kenesis - Cosmoport (Original Mix)

Dremen - I Got The Key (Sanse Remix)

Zwitterion - Envelope (Original Mix)

Insidelnfo - Awkward Feat. Sw@t (Original Mix)

Current Value - Gyrocopter (Original Mix)

Current Value - Pelham 123 (Original Mix)

DJ Emotion - No Fear (Original Mix)

DJ Emotion - Mental Affection (Original Mix)

Sw@t, Insidelnfo - Bottled (Original Mix)

Current Value - Steam Machine (Original Mix)

Current Value - Conditioning (Original Mix)

Noisier - Into Dust (Original Mix)

Addison - Grudge (Original Mix)

Horseman - DJ Emotion (Original Mix)

Neironic - Memory (Original Mix)

Telekinesis, Coppa - Fight Club (Pythius Remix)

Genesis - Nightfall (Original Mix)

Genesis - Cause and Effect (Original Mix)

Nailz - Subhype (Original Mix)

Formant - Only In My Head (Original Mix)

PlayKncino - Verifying (Original Mix)

Pantry - Outcrier (Original Mix)

Retrakt - Gravity (Original Mix)

YIKEN7 - YIKEN7 (Original Mix)

Kenesis - Tremendous (Original Mix)

Kenesis - Intercept (Original Mix)

Human Condition - Human Condition (Original Mix)

Salaryman - Escape (Original Mix)

Weak - Burn it Down (Original Mix)

n0isemakeR - The New Flesh (Original Mix)

n0isemakeR - Cloud Boxer (Original Mix)

n0isemakeR - Tinfoil (Original Mix)

n0isemakeR - Hoginmef (Original Mix)

Technical Itch - Solitude Affect (Original Mix)

Limewax - Perreo Intenso (Original Mix)

Centaspike - Broken Energy (Original Mix)

Sinistarr, Calculus - First Crush Feat. Audio Angel (Original Mix)

Sinistarr, Calculus - Rubensque (Original Mix)

Nausea - Echoes (Original Mix)

Steo, Need For Mirrors - Neverless (Original Mix)


A two hour journey through the world of drum n bass.. !

I had lots of free music to play this week, so shouts to…

DJ Choppah, Darren Capon, Schoco, BoomSha Recordings, DJ Ransome & SynthForce, Vision, Interrex, InTaKe, AK1200, Aboriginal & Phonic, KrypteK and Inner Recordings

320 Kbps

Schoco - Back In The Dessert (Original Mix)

Schoco - Still Insane (Original Mix)

Elle Henderson - Yours (Vision Bootleg)

McLeod, Symptom - Just The Way (Original Mix)

Seba, Lotek - Waveforms (Original Mix)

Interrex - Shaolin Master (Original Mix)

Interrex - Re-Stealth (Original Mix)

Alborosie - Kingston Town (DJ Choppah Remix)

Conroy Smith - Dangerous (DJ Choppah Remix)

DJ Choppah - Love Dub Remix

DJ Choppah - Under Pressure (Original Mix)

DJ Choppah - Frozen Planet (Original Mix)

Seba, Lotek - Universal Music (Original Mix)

InTaKe & DJ Ransome - Filtering Images (Original Mix)

SynthForce - Drifting Memories (Original Mix)

SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Without You (Original Mix)

DJ Choppah - Stormy Jungle (Dub Mix)

Interred - Killa Sound (Original Mix)

Interred - Time Away (Original Mix)

SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Radio Signals (Original Mix)

AK1200 - Real Justice (Original Mix)

INF1N1TE - Alone (Interrex Remix)

SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Behemoth (Original Mix)

Pendulum - Set Me On Fire (SynthForce & DJ Ransome Remix)

Clean Bandit Feat Zara Larrson - Symphony (KrypteK Bootleg)

Aboriginal & Phonic - Tell yourself Feat. EAM (Original Mix)

TenGraphs - Possessed (Interrex Remix)


Two Hours of Quality Liquid and Rolling Drum n Bass !

Out to Josh Bluett, DJ Ransome and SynthForce For This Weeks Free Music :)

320 Kbps

The Ambientalist - Echoes (Original Mix)

The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix)

DJ Patlife, Drs, Vangeliez - Ain’t That Bad (Original Mix)

Darkman, Peeb - Nice Soul (Original Mix)

Salaryman - Hold Me (Original Mix)

Blue styles - Perk (Original Mix)

Josh Bluett - Morale Comp (Original Mix)

Kasper - Summertime Hustle ((Original 12” Mix)

Kelle & Juha - Budapest Morning (Original Mix)

Hazuki - The White Witch (Original Mix)

Champion, Dexcell, Charlotte Haining - Running (The Vanguard Project Remix)

Josh Bluett - Dark (Original Mix)

Josh Bluett - Aof5 (Original Mix)

Josh Bluett - Bweep Bwoop Bweep (Original Mix)

Dialogue - Acting Up (Original Mix)

Mayforms - Our Love (Original Mix)

Kelle, Juha - Marchar Feat. Malena (Original Mix)

Amante - Growth (Original Mix)

Josh Bluett - Different (Original Mix)

Anthoroid - The Prey (DJ Ransome & SynthForce)

Salaryman - Over The Weekend (Original Mix)

T>1 - Switches (Original Mix)

Murdock - Original (Original Mix)

Josh Bluett - Gentle Persuasion (Original Mix)

Jenna G, Murdock, Submatik - Good Luv (Original Mix)

Jenna G, Murdock - Make Me Stronger (Original Mix)

Flow Company - Tokyo Love (Original Mix)

Eavesdrop - One By One (Original Mix)

Krakota - Be Myself (Original Mix)


Two Hours of Atmospheric and Rolling Drum n Bass.. !

Big shout to Geety, SynthForce, DJ Ransome and Interrex for this weeks free tunage.. !

320 Kbps

Seba - Welcome To Our World (Original Mix)

Lurch - Someday (Original Mix)

Lurch - Never You Mind (Original Mix)

Geety - Broken Hearts (Original Mix)

Seba - Snow (Original Mix)

S.P.Y, Etherwood - We’re Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab Remix)

Murdoch - Tribes (Original Mix)

London Elektricity - Hanging Rock (Urbandawn VIP)

Phentix - Our Journey (Original Mix)

Flow Company - Unmaterial Realm (Original Mix)

Geety - Burning (Original Mix)

Dawn Wall - Hold On (Tremah Bootleg)

Random Movement - Stranger in Paradise (Original Mix)

Seba - Special Ops (Original Mix)

Seba - This is Our House (Original Mix)

Bohemian - How Deep (Original Mix)

Bonobo - Know You (ALB Bootleg)

Murdock - Hypnotise (Original Mix)

Bohemian - Shadows (Original Mix)

Congo - Free on Soundcloud (Original Mix)

CanCan - Cedex X Higher Underground (Original Mix)

Murdock - I Need A Riddim’ (Original Mix)

Faibe - Get Away (Original Mix)

Mozg - Thinking (Original Mix)

Sam Harris - Curl (Original Mix)

Technimatic vs Nils Frahm - Music Is Familiar (Original Mix)

SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Radio Signals (Original Mix)

INF1N1TE - Alone (Interrex Remix)

Interrex - Time Away (Original Mix)
Last edited:


Two Hours of High Energy Rolling Drum n Bass Vibes.. !

320 Kbps

Still - Fly With Me (Original Mix)

Tim Cant - Just Can’t Give You Up (Original Mix)

Daeda - Brocken Beauty (Original Mix)

MSDOS - Reconstuction (RoyGreen & Protone Remix)

Flame - So Real (Original Mix)

MSDOS - Glitch (Original Mix)

MSDOS - Sun Rising (Original Mix)

DJ Hype - Peace, Love & Unity (Original Mix)

Rudical - Snatch (Original Mix)

Rudical - Truth (Original Mix)

Split Second - Feel You (Original Mix)

Split Second - Tequila Sunset (Original Mix)

Rawtekk - Restless (Joe Ford Remix)

Altered Beats - Walk The Talk (Original Mix)

Marcio Mouse - Inception (Original Mix)

Chinensis - Play With My Heart (Original Mix)

Murdoch - Arrival (Original Mix)

Netsky - Prisma (Original Mix)

Theoretical - Good Vibes (Original Mix)

Theoretical - Royal Break (Original Mix)

Crippleffect - Resurrection (Original Mix)

Delilah - Go (Casey Jones Bootleg)

Paul T, Edward Oberon - Drip Drop (Original Mix)

Command Strange - Never Too Much (Original Mix)

Conspire - Antidote (Original Mix)

Conspire - Whirlwind (Original Mix)

Conspire - Fire (Original Mix)

di:go - Chrome Heater (Vince Grain)


Four Hour Show This Week, Playing Lots of Liquid, Atmospheric Rollers.. !

Big Shout to Toll Bridge, SL3000 and CELO for this weeks free music :)

320 Kbps

SL3000 - Everything We Do (Original Mix)

CELO - Free(When You Touch Me) (Original Mix)

SL3000 - Wolf Fleece (Original Mix)

SL3000 - Drunken Master (Original Mix)

Distance - New Tomorrow (Original Mix)

Omni Trio - Beyond The Fundamental (Original Mix)

Bungle - Astral Travel (Original Mix)

Big Bud - Juicy (Original Mix)

Toll Bridge - Downtown Rivera (Original Mix)

Camo & Krooked - Ember (Hybrid Minds Remix)

Azaleh - Endeavour (Leniz Bootleg)

CELO - Liquid (Original Mix)

Murdock - Final Frontier Feat. Doctrine (Original Mix)

Mystific - Do U Make A Jazz (Original Mix)

Scientist, Ji Ben Gong - Big Life (Original Mix)

Motta, MSDOS - Soul Sister (Original Mix)

London Elektricty - Tape Loops Feat. Hugh Hardie (Villem Remix)

Dialogue - Jazz Hands (Original Mix)

Dialogue - If You Can’t Beat Them (Original Mix)

Majestic - I Can’t Love You (Original Mix)

Sunny Crimea - Dance With You (Original Mix)

Scott Allen, Joseph Ablett, Londy - The Last Time (Original Mix)

CELO - Let Me Go (Original Mix)

CELO - Check (Original Mix)

CELO - Rising (Original Mix)

Dreams(Flashback) - Aperio (Remix)

Theoretical - Black Octopus (Original Mix)

Seba, Jr Vallo - Bon Voyage (Original Mix)

Seba - Day By Night (Original Mix)

Whiney - Talisman (Original Mix)

Dirtbag - Wingsuit (Original Mix)

CELO - Bark (Original Mix)

CELO - Tribal Master(Invisible Limiter) (Original Mix)

HumanNature - ID (Original Mix)

Sigma - Lost Away Feat. Shakka (Hybrid Minds)

SP Fusion - Magic Feeling (Original Mix)

Salaryman - Burning in My Soul (Original Mix)

Dawn Wall - Simple Mind (Original Mix)

Dawn Wall - Spears (Original Mix)\

Artificial Intelligence - Nobody (Original Mix)

Abstr4ct - Tiger (Original Mix)

Command Strange - Never Too Much (Original Mix)

Jaybee - Get Nasty (Original Mix)

Conspire - Dreams (Original Mix)

Conspire - Jazzhand (Original Mix)

Madcap - Watching You (Original Mix)

Paul T, Edward Oberon - Put It Down (Original Mix)

Command Strange - Unlimited Bass (Original Mix)

L-Side - Get By (Original Mix)

Philth, Basic Forces - I’m Yours (Original Mix)

Halogenix - Shores (Original Mix)

L-Side - I Wish (Original Mix)

Alibi, Command Strange - Skyline (Original Mix)

Artificial Intelligence - Definition (Original Mix)

Aphonic - The Further We Go (Sinistarr Remix)

Icicle, Zero T, Steo - Go 4 Yours (Original Mix)

Command Strange - Selecta (Original Mix)


Two hours of quality drum n bass, mixed live !

Out to Geety, DJ Demik, Joshua Bluett, CELO, Incus, Mpathy, Vince Grain and DJ Hybrid for
this weeks free music :)

320 Kbps

Fragment - Zither (Original Mix)

Lasu - All I Know (Original Mix)

MellowDrama - Move On (Original Mix)

Geety - Burning (Original Mix)

Treex - If The Truth (Original Mix)

Kelle & Juha - Cesium (Original Mix)

High Contrast - Questions (Original Mix)

Mcleod, Symptom - Cherry Hill (Original Mix)

Royalton - We Were Told Feat. Amy Kisnorbo (Original Mix)

Jukebox - Drive (Original Mix)

Jukebox - Still Waters (Original Mix)

DJ Demik - Just Memories (Original Mix)

Hardwell - Spaceman (DJ Demilk Remix)

CELO - Keys (Original Mix)

CELO - Rollin’ (Original Mix)

Geety - Floki (Original Mix)

Hybrid Minds, Tiffani Juno - Touch (Original Mix)

Hybrid Minds, Emily Jones - Inside (Original Mix)

Hybrid Minds - Lost (Pola & Bryson Remix)

Ted Ganung, Dirty Genes - Weight of The World Feat. Mariella (Original Mix)

Haruki - Just Like (Original Mix)

Kanye West - I Love Kanye (Some Remix i Pick Up !)

Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (P-80 Footwork Refix)

Golden Flora - Bloom (Funk De La Cueva Remix)

Incus, Mpathy & Vince Grain - Conspire (Original Mix)

NEOH - How Da Funky Beats (Original Mix)

Noulan & Kelayx - Witch Spell (Original Mix)

Untitled - DJ DeMuk (Original Mix)

Gryffin & Illenium - Feel Good (Demik & Artemio Remix)

Joshua Bluett - Carefully Treated Feat. Maizie Walsh (Original Mix)

Kosheen - Hold You (Original Mix)

Kosheen - Slip & Slide (Original Mix)

Serum - Snake Fist (Original Mix)

TC Feat. Jakes - Rep (DJ Hybrid Remix)

Break, Kyo - Give it To Me (Original Mix)

Jonh B - When The Time Comes (Original Mix)

B Cloud - Deeper (Original Mix)

Logistcis - Muderation (Original Mix)

Sam Binga, Enei, Redders - Lef Dem (Enei Remix)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Enei Remix)


Over Two Hours of Deep, Rolling Drum and Bass.. !

Shout to Shitomi and Secret Lab Recordings For This Weeks Free Music :)

320 Kbps

Tiki - Looking For Answers (Original Mix)

Etherwood - Bear’s Breeches Feat. Anile (Original Mix)

Flow Company - Free Space (Original Mix)

Chords - Coastlines (Original Mix)

Platform - Going Blind Feat. Mark Others (Brunno Junglist Remix)

London Elektricity - Polymer (Original Mix)

808 Tribe - SkyMaster (Original Mix)

Lurch - A Sadness (Original Mix)

Lurch - Head Over Heels (Original Mix)

Spirit - Mind To Mind VIP (Original Mix)

Spirit - Subterranean (Original Mix)

SHK & Keigo - Hyperdrive (Original Mix)

Vandermou - Pressure (Original Mix)

Chopstick Dubplate - Shape of You Feat. General Levy (Original Mix)

Accelerated Culture - Love Will Take Over (Original Mix)

Deeper Connection - Winter Soup (Original Mix)

B Cloud - Deeper (Enei Remix)

Klute - Essential Forms (Original Mix)

Scott Allen - Nebular (Original Mix)

Spirit - Axis 2 (Deep Mix)

Spirit - Sorcerer (Original Mix)

Spirit - Tone Track (Original Mix)

Shitomi - Stabass (Original Mix)

Shitomi - Break Machine (Original Mix)

Shark aka Newbeard - Anomie Theory (Original Mix)

Oliver Ferrer - All Night Long (Original Mix)

Oliver Ferrer - Into Me (Original Mix)

Makoto - YGMYC (Original Mix)

dRamatic, dbAudio - Passive Moments (Original Mix)

Critical Impact - Times Come (Original Mix)

Critycal Dub - Take No More (Original Mix)

MSDOS - My Factories (Original Mix)

M-Soul, S27, Mombosh - As i’m Drifting Feat. Shanna (Original Mix)

Young:G - Hurricane Sounds (L-Side Remix)


Friday’s Show For Download.. !

Two Hours of Techie Drum n Bass.. !

Big up to all the Producers for the free music :)

320 Kbps

Vinnie Paz - Drag You To Hell (Digital Goon Remix)

Vince Grain - Chrome Heater (Original Mix)

Wintermute & Amon Bay - Fall (Vince Grain Remix)

Vince Grain - Shattered (Original Mix)

Vince Grain - My Own Winter (Bone Remix)

Altex & Formatz - Make It Bounce (Original Mix)

Lost - Freebie (Original Mix)

Fracture - Freebie (Original Mix)

Fargo - 5 (Original Mix)

Echonic & Noya - Stack (Original Mix)

Sick Cycle - Weightless (Original Mix)

Sick Cycle - Back to Basics (Original Mix)

Dms - Freebie (Original Mix)

Kazan - Gnarly (Original Mix)

DPD - Freebie (Original Mix)

Fevered Noya - Modem in Love (Original Mix)

World of Dogs - Death Grips (Juicebox Remix)

Oliver York - The Chamber (Original Mix)

Phil.osophy - Underworld (Original Mix)

Perfect Organism - Freebie (Original Mix)

Frankynmurray - Jarko (Original Mix)

Voltage Voodoo Feat. Maria Lea - Eyes (Original Mix)

Klick Klack - Freebie (Original Mix)

Severity - Freebie (Original Mix)

Four Points & Ken Rhodes - Ice Cold (Original Mix)

Krispy Feat. MC Tan - Ozone (Blake Frost Remix)

Terrence & Phillip - Limitless (Original Mix)

Limitless - Freebie (Original Mix)

Larrge - Gravity (Original Mix)

M Beat Feat. General Levy - Incredible (Galvatron Remix)

Xorcore - Believe Me (DJ Ransome & SynthForce Remix)

Break - Who Got Da Funk (Boom Bass Brothers Remix)

DJ Zinc - Casino Royale (Original Mix)


Two Hours of Deep, Liquid and Energetic Rolling Drum n Bass

First two hours, all new music.. !

Out to Bornintofault for this weeks free music !

320 Kbps

Paul SG - Phunk Phenomenon (Original Mix)

Paul SG - Start A Fire Feat. Danny Wheeler (Original Mix)

Bornintofault - Step (Original Mix)

Bornintofault - Last Tuesday (Original Mix)

Salaryman - D&B Propulsion (Sample Pack)

Mentah - Not What Is (Original Mix)

Profilix & Nuvaman - You (Original Mix)

Seathasky - In My Thought22s (Original Mix)

Rhythmic Soulz - Ohh iii VIP (Original Mix)

T.Kay - Smoke It Up (Original Mix)

Freebie - Summertime (Original Mix)

Bornintofault - Runner (Original Mix)

Bornintofault - Pines (Original Mix)

Spectre Feat. Aryma - Kursiva (Original Mix)

Satl - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Submorphics - Ruby Falls (Original Mix)

Tokyo Prose - Journey Inwards (Original Mix)

Presto - Surreal (Original Mix)

Muted Hue - Uncertainty (Original Mix)

Post Malone - Psycho (Oakwite Bootleg)

Lenzman - Don’t Let Go Feat. Redeyes (Original Mix)

Lenzman - Emeralds Feat. Jo-S (Original Mix)

Levela, Splice - The Rush (Original Mix)

Bladerunner, Savage Rehab - Something’s Got to Give (Original Mix)

DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Neumatic Remix)

Danny Byrd - Devil’s Drop (Original Mix)

Nu:Logic - Strut Feat. Other Echoes (S.P.Y Remix)

Whiney - Sleek (Original Mix)

Killer Hertz - All Out (Original Mix)

Killer Hertz - Prometheus (Original Mix)

Future Prophecies - Jack The Groove (Gydra Remix)