Drum & Bass NEW ! The Ikon Drum n Bass Show with KF81


A Three Hour Mixture of Quality Drum and Bass !

Out to all the Producers for the free music.. :)
CB, Coop Mate, Abstract Illusion, Law, Kola Nut and D34DB3VT Dubs

Total Science - Algebra (Instrumental 12” Mix)

The Green Man - Mr. One (Original Mix)

Makoto - You Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

The Green Man, Cytech - Feb 21st (Original Mix)

Altitude - Make Believe (Original Mix)

CB - Lost In You (Original Mix)

Reflek - Need To Feel Loved (Keeno Remix)

Jakwob - Blinding (Keeno Remix)

Rhye - Open (Keeno Remix)

QZB - Take It All Feat. Charli Brix (Original Mix)

Coop Mate - Eggshell (Original Mix)

Coop Mate - Natural (Original Mix)

Critical Event - Let It Snow (Leniz Remix)

Monty - Games Feat. Charli Brix (Original Mix)

D34DB3VT Dubs - Juingle Dubs (Original Mix)

D34DB3VT Dubs - Tc (Original Mix)

Mr Groove - I Don’t Care About Tomorrow Feat. Rae Ray (Blame Remix)

D34DB3VT Dubs - Full House (Original Mix)

Soultec - A Need In Me (Original Mix)

D34DB3VT Dubs - Saxon (Original Mix)

The Green Man - Infinity 3000 Feat. Sheela Gathright (Original Mix)

The Green Man - Elemental Journey (Original Mix)

D34DB3VT Dubs - Dubplate Depression (Original Mix)

Abstract Illusion - 13 Duppy (Satanic Breaks Mix)

Abstract Illusion - I Find Your Stale Ragga Samples And Pitched Up Step Breaks Disturbing (Original Mix)

Tekatrip - Acid Law (D34DB3VT Dubs Mix)

Snap - The Power (D34DB3VT Dubs Mix)

Bladerunner - Jungle, Jungle (Makoto Remix)

Mr Vegas - Under Mi Sensi (D34DB3VT Dubs Mix)

Kursiva, Karlixx - Kings of Kings (Original Mix)

Tenor Youthman - Oscar Gyal (Bassflexx & Karlixx Remix)

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix)

Makoto - Speed of Life (Original Mix)

Kwabs - Walk (Nu:Tone Remix)

Underkind - Kings of Kings (Original Mix)

Pola & Bryson - This Time Last Year (Original Mix)

Lutan Fyah, Ted Ganung - Real Rastaman (Re-Load Mix)

Pulsaar - Happier Without You (Original Mix)

Filip Motovunski, Mikkim, Mc Spee - Listen To The Sound (Kursiva Remix)

Mooncat, Karlixx - We Want No More (Original Mix)

Law & Kola Nut - Analyse (Original Mix)

Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Special Request Remix)


A Three Hour Mixture of Quality Drum and Bass.. !

Out to all the producers for this weeks free music..

Polliwobble, Kumo, Arxiva and Default Recordings :)

Polliwobble - Lurchin’ (Original Mix)

Polliwobble - Tube Feet (Original Mix)

Polliwobble - Urchin (Original Mix)

Polliwobble - Echinoid (Original Mix)

Biobird - Righty Tighty (Original Mix)

Biobird - Disposition (Original Mix)

Biobird - Deficient (Original Mix)

Sick Cycle - Requiem (Biobird Remix)

Kidsan - Allure (Madusea Remix)

DJ Ransome - Circuitry (Effekttz Remix)

Pascal - Keep It Real (Original Mix)

DJ Zinc - Roll Play (Original Mix)

Aetherial & Consequence - Midnight Stories (Original Mix)

Jon Scott, Saxxon - Never Give Up (Original Mix)

Jon Scott, Saxxon - Talking Jazz (Original Mix)

Paul SG, Soultec - Wishful Thinking (Original Mix)

The Green Man - Express Train Dub (Original Mix)

The Green Man - Say It Without Words (Original Mix)

Submotion Orchestra - Empty Love (GLXY Remix)

Blu Mar Ten, Makoto - Eldervine (Original Mix)

Enei - Dark Water Feat. Charlie Brix (Original Mix)

Kumo - Criticalz (Original Mix)

Kumo - Signal (Original Mix)

Foureye - Be Free (VIP Mix)

Rockwell - User (Original Mix)

Kumo - Pinger (Original Mix)

Kumo, Teej - Stubbed (Original Mix)

Teddy Killerz - Era (Original Mix)

Enei - Mosquito (Benny L Mix)

Audio - Stampede (Original Mix)

Mind Vortex - Hotbox VIP (Original Mix)

Shimon - Predator (L Double Remix)

Arxiva - ID 2 (Original Mix)

Arxiva - Dream (Original Mix)

Arxiva - The Funk (Original Mix)

Arxiva - ID (Original Mix)

Alix Perez - Down The Line (Break Remix)

Random Movement - Cash or Credit (Halogenix Remix)

Accelerated Culture - Love Will Take Over (Original Mix)

Alibi - Aftermath (Original Mix)

Alix Perez - Behind Time (Original Mix)

Critical Level - Mtwn (Dexta & Mauoq ‘Deadbeets’ Remix)

Simula - Resurrection (Original Mix)

Scott Allen - Nebula (Original Mix)

Flirt With Dirt - Taken To Reverie (Original Mix)