Drum & Bass New! The Breakout Podcast Volume 1 - ft High C, DJ Fresh, Dillinja, Serial Killaz....

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    I'm based in Liverpool, and there's loads of amazing nights and producers here, but it's difficult to get them all in one place.

    So I wanted to launch a monthly podcast which can showcase the best local talent our city has to offer, as well as bigging up all the incredible events we have here on a weekly basis.

    The result is this: The Breakout Podcast Volume One

    Features new tracks from High Contrast's new album, DJ Fresh, Delilah, Benga's new single, plus classics from Akala, Dillinja, Aphrodite, Bomfunk MCs and loads more!

    Click here to hear the podcast

    Remember it's FREE to download from my Soundlcoud, and if you follow me, you'll be told about next month's as soon as it's up!


    Tom Byrne aka Half Man Half Bit-Sick

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