New Surplus and Cold Ward Tracks Coming in 2015

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    The following EP's and singles are all coming this year on various platforms, hope you enjoy them.

    These are two unsigned Cold Ward Tracks:

    Rogue Beats have just offered me a contract on these two bits:

    This EP is coming on Suicide Dubz, we have another single coming out later in the year, the first two tracks are solo tracks and the last are my collab under Cold Ward:

    This is a solo EP coming on Fluid State, there is a further EP to follow later in the year:

    And finally this is all coming out on Hard Soul as well (With the exception of Tribal Warfare) :

    Joe Nebulla's label Back 2 You, has expressed an interest in vocal track I did under Cold Ward and I'm waiting on a contract and sample clearance on that so will post that up once I know what's happening. Also I have collab coming up with Bcee and Physics (Methalheadz and Mac 2), plus a couple of tracks coming on my own label Soul Trader, anyway sorry to bombard you all, but thought it better to keep these in one thread rather than spread out all over the board. Would be could to get any constructive crit on the tracks, thanks in advance to all those how listen.
    Peace and love for 2015.