new Stunna jungle on Mettāsonic


Aug 20, 2013
definitely a bucket list release for me as i've listened to The Greenroom for as long as i can remember. not sure how he's able to clock 3 hours every week! every now and then he slides a few of his own tracks into the mix, sometimes unreleased, and they are always good. this one caught my ear a while ago, and we finally made it happen! coming in on a 160 jungle tip, inspired by his time at Sun & Bass in Italy. on another note, we are not usually using artist masters, but i think he did such a fantastic job on these that we had to roll with it!

thx for all the support on this one thus far!


hitting all other major platforms in about a month.

Music & Mastering by Jay Cappo, artwork by Lexi Lei, released on Mettāsonic

PS, a few free download codes, first come first served, input the codes here:
  • scku-gysf
  • ps3v-uuha
  • vjrp-w8f7
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