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New Spectrasoul Album - Delay No More - 20% OFF. In stock now for Monday Delivery

Spectrasoul's Debut Album entitled 'Delay No More' on Shogun Audio is in stock now ready for shipping for Monday Delivery (23/07/12). Save up to 20% on this album, continue reading for more info.

SpectraSoul - Delay No More EP - Shogun Audio Recordings -SHA058 £11.99
Full release copies in stock now on Vinyl click here

Vinyl Tracklist:
A)Sometimes We Lie…
B)The Curb
D)In For Penny

SpectraSoul - Delay No More CD - Shogun Audio Recordings -SHACD006 £9.99
Order The CD Now - Release Date 23/07/12 - Click here to buy

CD Tracklist
1. No Doubt
2. Light In The Dark ft. Terri Walker
3. Ish Chat
4. Sometimes We Lie
5. The Curb
6. Knuckle Waltz
7. Away With Me ft. Tamara Blessa
8. Fool’s Paradise
9. Buggin’
10. S.O.U.R. ft. Echo Park
11. Memento
12. Shackles ft. Fox
13. Shoestring

Also in stock ready to order now are the vinyl samplers from the album including 'Light in the dark' and 'Away With Me' which features remixes from the likes of Calibre and Kito, see below:

Spectrasoul - Light In the Dark / Shackles - Shogun Audio Recordings - SHA054 - 12" £5.99
Click Here to buy.

Away With Me (Calibre Remix) / Original Mix / Kito Mix - Shogun Audio - SHA057 £5.99 Click here to buy

To get 10% off any of these Spectrasoul releases simply enter this code "SPECTRASOULDOA" into the promo code box when checking out.

#Please note that if you log into your Intense Members Account you will receive your standard 10% Off aswell, making a total saving of 20%. These discounts will apply to all items in your cart from any artist, but there must be at least one Spectrasoul track in your order!!

To view all things Spectrasoul click here =&orderby="]click here [/URL]
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really impressed with this album.
listened to the cd this morning. works really well as a whole. even non dnb heads will appreciate it.

hope it gets the recognition it deserves.


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Had it on loop most of today. Don't think I'll listen to much else this week, it's such a well produced album. First time in a while that I've been impressed with a dnb album enough to listen to it start to finish and then start it over again.

Definitely agree on the non dnb head appeal, I plan to play it at uni tomorrow so we'll find out.
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