New Soul Trader Promo Mix

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    Easy guys fresh new promo mix featuring too many new dubs, check this out:

    Track list:
    AudioSketch and Surplus - Leave It All Behind (Villem and McLeod Rmx) (Soul Trader Promo)
    BCee - Firebox (Spearhead promo)
    Marky - Damage (Unknown)
    The Prototypes - Pop it Off (Viper)
    Skynet - Fractal (Skynet Audio Promo)
    AudioSketch - Resolution (Soul Trader Promo)
    HLZ - Broken Lights (Soul Trader Promo)
    K-i - Cure For This (Volatge Remix) (Soul Trader Promo)
    BCee - Thought I Knew (Bladerunner Remix) (Soul Trader Promo)
    Scifa and Surplus - Switch 2 Suspense (Digital Remix) (Hard Soul Promo)
    Surplus - New Language (Dub)
    Tough Love - So Freakin Tight (SPY Remix) (Unknown)
    Anile feat Hannah Eve - All This Time (CIA)
    AudioSketch, DuoScience and Surplus - Chemistry (Soul Trader Promo)
    HLZ - Dying Memories (Warm Communications Promo)
    AudioSketch - Stories (Soul Trader Promo)
    AudioSketch - Footsteps (Soul Trader Promo)
    Drifta feat Holly Hilton - Here With Me (Soul Trader Promo)
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    Jan 3, 2014
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    Gent - Belgium
    This might better belong in the mixes subforum...
    big mix though! Some great tracks in there!

    I might send a demo in a while, I've got a new tune that I think is pretty good. Haven't got a flip yet though