New Soothsayer Promos: Kid Kryptic, Fanu, Current Value!


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Soothsayer begins an ambitious 2006 with two corrosive releases destined for cult fame. A split with the infamous Theoretic Records and the coveted fifth Soothsayer Release will enjoy timely full releases this spring. With the acquisition of worldwide distribution, courtesy of LOAD Media(Tech Itch, Freak, Reinforced), the Soothsayer doctrine will be administered globally. This year will mark a great time of liberation and multimedia experimentation for the label. Expect a series of limited clothing runs as well as Soothsayer's entrance into the world of independent cinema.

SSTH001 - Current Value - "Anticitizen" b/w Kid Kryptic - "Foreign Skin"- Soothsayer Vs. Theoretic

This year's first campaign is the highly anticipated split between Soothsayer and Kid Kryptic's Theoretic Records. Needing little introduction, Theoretic has been wrecking soundsystems with it's inimitable recipe for darkstep and futurism as purveyed by techstep stalwarts like Dj Hidden and Paul Blackout. Two of today’s most devious drum n’ bass camps clash in an avalanche of fractured beats and destructive basslines.

Current Value's "Anticitizen" is fueled by malicious beats evocative of anarchy, futurism, and technocracy- bent for decimating the dancefloor. Current Value returns to Soothsayer with beats and bass comprised of pure phosphorous.

Hot on the heels of his Evol Intent Recordings debut (“The Way”, EI 008), Kid Kryptic delivers a ferocious stormer of anthemic proportions. A sinister intro lures vulnerable ears into an amen onslaught chock full of wicked hooks and blistering synths. Foreign Skin is an incendiary dance floor killa fit for the darkest corners of the scene. Wear a chest protector.

Promos available from 2/06.

SS005 - Infamy - "Trail of Tears" b/w Fanu - "World Behind a World" - Soothsayer

Strike two, SS005 delivers two of the brightest youths of modern drum n' bass in most abrasive fashion. Infamy, eighteen year old Christian Sibthorpe of England, makes his recording debut on Soothsayer with his epic smasher "Trail of Tears". The tune delivers a refreshingly cinematic, atmospheric take on the Hardware/Outbreak sound.This will mark the first of a series of appearances by Dj Infamy on Soothsayer, a VIP of this instant classic is already in queue for release and currently receiving rotations on dubplate by Dustin E( Dedication, St. Louis) and New York's infamous Dj 9x.

Finland's Fanu, Janne Hatula of Helsinki, needs little introduction. His monumental releases on Offshore, Subtitles, and Breakin' (Bassbin) epitomize the grandeur of what was mid -90s artcore drum n' bass. If any contemporary producer harnesses the magic of the classic metalheadz sound... it is Fanu; his tracks are driven by intense ambience, pads, strings and incredibly explorative breaks."World Behind a World" is a surreal/cinematic dark apache stepper of divine proportions. The tune has received platetime from Paul Reset (Nerve) and honorable mention from Philadelphia's Dj Dstar ( Gasm, Metalheadz). Watch for more releases by Fanu on Soothsayer and a plethora of other labels.

Promos available from 2/06.

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With our iconoclastic modus operandi and indismissable oeuvre, we intend to pathologize the banality that is contemporary drum n' bass. Via destruction we intend to create something new and vibrant, far beyond the pale of convention as well as the tidy facades of style and vogue.