[New Song (Pre)released] - Meng Qi - In The Face Of The Memory (For Spinwarp Battle O

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    [New Song (Pre)released] - Meng Qi - In The Face Of The Memory (For Spinwarp Battle Of The Beats 2004)

    And there will be direct download link @ http://mengqi.tk after several dayz .

    A Progressive And Intelligent Drum n'Bass Track

    Composing/Arrangement/Mixing/Vocal By Meng Qi

    This is another song prereleased for Spinwarp Battle Of The Beats 2004 .
    (The other one is "Dnb In The Rain" , also for spinwarp compo)

    This song has 2 parts and a bridge part between them .Feels like those waves on the lake of one's heart .:). A change of mood .
    In this song I really have some really serious n'inspirational beat work done, intelligent n'complex .I like it very much.
    I hope you will like this tune too ~

    During a long time I even have nothing released , that is mainly because that my PC is too weak to mix the whole album .And my time is too limited .
    Maybe in July/August I can updated it and release all songs in that album .

    All Rights Reserved 2004 Meng Qi (c)


    Meng Qi