New Show on Glitch.FM: New Zealand's "Delicious Music!"

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    Jun 26, 2009
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    Glitch.FM makes its first expansion into the Eastern Hemisphere! We're joined by Delicious Music - one of New Zealand's premier music labels (a netlabel) and artists agencies - home to the likes of Tom Cosm, Mr. Squatch, InvaderTron, Opiuo, Mark J, and DJ Evil. Hosting and organizing this scrumptious mess is Muz Moeller (a.k.a. TwEQ), Delicious's label manager!

    Be prepared for an eclectic dose of "Glitch, Dubstep, Jungle, & Techno."

    Wednesdays, 12AM-2AM (Pacifc)
    Wednesdays, 2AM-4AM (Central)
    Wednesdays, 3AM-5AM (Eastern)
    Wednesdays, 8AM-10AM (UK)
    Wednesdays, 7PM-9PM (NZ)


    Delicious Music Official Site