New Show on Glitch.FM: "Music for Astronauts" w/ .Spec!


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Announcing the latest and greatest! The talent coming out of the west-coast is an unstoppable abundant. We're joined by .Spec - who originally got his start in the late 90's Seattle rave scene. After several years of taking a break from performing, he fell back in love with DJing thanks to dubstep.

On his new show, "Music For Astronatus:"

"The thing I love about dubstep, and what I think makes great dubstep are the huge spaces you get in the beat laid over thick thick basslines. Along with that I've always tended towards electronic music that gives you a sense of feeling like you're in outer space so I thought Music for Astronauts worked on both of those tips. My goal for the show is to showcase the producers in dubstep that push that deep techno meets IDM meets glitch sound and that dubstep isn't and doesn't have to be all agro beats and chainsaw basslines.

My own musical background is pretty diverse in that I like a few different genres of music that really have nothing to do with each other. Outside of the obvious (dubstep), I've been a huge metal fan forever (death metal and thrash in particular), and I LOVE reggae and dub music. Oh and I started playing the highland bagpipe a few years ago so Glitch.FM can look out for my forthcoming show where I spin AND play on my pipes at the same time. XD"

Show time (by timezone):
Saturdays, 6-8PM (US Pacific)
Saturdays, 8-10PM (US Central)
Saturdays, 9-11PM (US Eastern)
Sundays, 2-4AM (UK/GMT)
Sundays, 3-5PM (NZ)

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