New Show on Glitch.FM: "GLITCH THIS!" from Melbourne, AU!

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    Glitch.FM invades Australia!


    In our station's latest exploits, we're joined by the extraordinarily talented crew of ShiKung, Nam, and Beatnick, who are holding Melbourne's glitch scene on lockdown!

    We'll let them do the rest of the talking...

    "As part of its worldwide takeover attempt there is now a new Glitch crew in Melbourne.

    GLITCH THIS!! is out in Melbourne town expanding knowledge of all things Glitch Hop. Expanding a musical movement that is getting everyone excited!

    With a party the first Saturday every 2 months at The Workshop! And now with a weekly Internet radio show on, Sunday evenings 7pm - 9pm (Melbourne Time). So jump onboard and come journey on the Thunderous Snares and Krunching Bassline Glitch Space Ship into the nether regions of the future.

    For those you who are into The Glitch Mob,edIT, Bassnectar, Hudson Mohawke, Mark Pritchard, Fulgeance and all tings futuristic and in between.

    Crew members include ShiKung, Nam and Beatnick."

    Show time (by timezone)
    - Sundays, 2-4AM (US Pacific)
    - Sundays, 4-6AM (US Central)
    - Sundays, 5-7AM (US Eastern)
    - Sundays, 10AM-12PM (UK/GMT)
    - Sundays, 9-11PM (NZ)
    - Sundays, 7-9PM (Melbourne)

    Official Site:

    Crew bios:

    ShiKung has built a tasty list of supports in his 7 year stint in Melbourne's club and bar scene. He has recently focused his efforts on starting the Glitch This!! club nights and radio show. And has as well been part of the Bass High crew, who have been pushing Dubstep weekly in Melbourne since 2007! He also is the tour Dj for the live Ru C.L. experience. This has blessed him with the oppourtunity to tour all over Australia. Shikung stays busy not only as a DJ, but also involved in Event Co-ordination, Publicity, Tour Management and any area it takes to make a night great, alowing him to stay active and absorb many influences from across the underground music spectrum.

    Nam has been involved in Melbourne's(Australia) drum'n'bass scene over the last 7 years. Originally starting out playing mainly drum'n'bass and landing gigs at big festivals, parties supporting annd playing on the same bill as DJ Marky & Stamina MC, Ed Rush & Optical, The Upbeats, Black Sun Empire and Concord Dawn to name a few, the last 2 years has seen him spread his wings and play genre hopping sets and discovering a whole new musical taste in Future Beats, Glitch and Wonky Dilla inspired beats.

    Last year alone has seen Nam supporting Hudson Mohawk, Gaslamp Killer and this year playing the warm-up set before The Nextmen, support Flying Lotus, playing the Red Bull stage at Good Vibrations Music Festival and gaining monthly residencies at a Funk Soul night, Future Beats night and together with Shikung starting the Glitch This! events and now radio show.
    Nam is also an agent of The Operatives crew, who for the last 5 years have been touring and running gigs in Melbourne spanning many genres of music from Platinum Pied Pipers to Hudson Mohawke to DJ Marky to MJ Cole.