New Shadybrain Releases For September Available Now!

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    .shadybrain music enters the second round. we`re proud to announce the releases of the following tunes:

    N.Phect & Diz:play - Inside The Hive - Shadybrain00804001
    Pyro & 154 - Snowflakes - Shadybrain00804002
    Polarity - Saege -Shadybrain00804003
    Stare - Flush -Shadybrain00804004

    each of these tunes is available as MP3 on our site
    costs are 1,59 euro per tune.
    The online payment works through paypal only atm. If Paypal is not supported in your country, please email us at and we`ll figure out a way to get you all satisfied!!!
    our programmers already work on another payment alternative to make the tunes accessable to all users worldwide. thx for your patience!

    forthcoming .shadybrain releases for october:

    D-Struct - Rune - Shadybrain00904001
    Cyb Orc People From South - Shadybrain00904002
    Mikrob & Bungle - Lights - shadybrain00904003
    and more to be announced soon...

    if you want to help us promoting please bring this information to all the local boards, etc....