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    we are happy to announce that the .shadybrain november releases are available from now on through our website

    first i want to take the chance to say sorry that there have not been any releases for october. i (chris impulse) moved houses to berlin and was not connected to the internet for the whole month. instead of releasing the tunes through an internet café we decided to hold them back till november. we were told that there are rumours about shadybrain going down, etc, but let me ensure you that we are still healthy and will continue doing our thang for a long time.

    anyway, these are the november releases:

    D-Struct - Rune - Shadybrain01004001
    Cyb Orc People - From South - Shadybrain01004002
    Cyb Orc - Simulant - Shadybrain01004003
    Body and Soul - Beatiful Things - Shadybrain01004004

    each of these tunes is available as MP3 on our site
    costs are 1,59 euro per tune.
    The online payment works through paypal only atm. If Paypal is not supported in your country, please email us at and we`ll figure out a way to get you all satisfied!!!

    please be sure of the fact that we will offer other payment methods soon. also we will set up a merchandising section feat. clothes, record bags, etc and will start to distribute other label`s vinyl, cd`s and mp3.

    thx to all supporters in the past, present and future. it`s all about the music!

    if you want to help us promoting please bring this information to all the local boards, etc....